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RIOT Takes Over Henley Royal Regatta 2022

As we steam on down to our 4th stop on the Riot Rehab Tour in the land of Henley, there would only be one place we were going to carry...

RIOT Takes Over Henley Royal Regatta 2022

As we steam on down to our 4th stop on the Riot Rehab Tour in the land of Henley, there would only be one place we were going to carry on our conquest for the days ahead. The Henley Royal Regatta had arrived and The Riot Rehab Bus had front ROW seats. We had 3 big days ahead of us and the team was more than ready to continue capturing moments and getting people started on their quitting journeys, the R.I.O.T way!

Rowing our way to Henley

The Henley Royal Regatta is the most prestigious regatta in the world. It is the highlight of the summer rowing calendar and the summer season in the UK. Visited by more than 300,000 people each year, Henley Royal Regatta boasts over 300 races across six days of elite sporting competition. It is the perfect mixture of passion for sport, smart suits & dresses and sweet bubbly!

Our first day at Henley kicked off with some unfortunate clouds and rain but that didn't stop the competitors from putting in their best performances with exciting women's races all day. Our unmissable bus was stationed in the Chinawhite enclosure ready for all the festival attendees to arrive once the races were finished. Chinawhite's sparkling reputation from hosting the party scene at Henley since 2013 ensured us that the crowd were in for an unforgettable weekend.

As the groups of eye-dazzling people started flooding in, we had hundreds of people come over to see what we were here for as they had never seen a sceptical like our bus at Henley before. We took everyone we came across through our 4 steps to quitting smoking and learning all about their personal triggers and smoking journeys. In the process, we met so many smokers who were at different stages in their journeys and converted them to the most desirable disposable e-cigarette out there - The Riot Bar! For the fourth weekend running, the first fully recyclable, carbon-negative disposable was a huge hit partnering everyone's glasses of champagne with their new vape.

Our last day on Saturday was our day to welcome all of our influencers & celebs to The Riot Bus for everything vapes, drinks and welcome hampers filled with olives, breadsticks, salami, cheese and wine! A voluptuous vegan option was also available for our guests of honour! What more could they ask for? It was a pleasure hosting Sophie Hermann, Matty Spoon, Stefan-Pierre, Julius Cowdrey, Connie Constance and many more of our VIP’s. Everyone loved their gifts and enjoyed leaving their Regatta weekend within our team's hands. We also had the very special Jamie Winstone who brought the party atmosphere to the enclosure when she made herself at home on our decks at the top of the bus. At times our bus was shaking from all of the people we had filling up the space and partying into the night with their Riot Bars.

As the time travelled into the evening and the dazzling lights came on and the sun set in the distance, the party was far from over. It was time to truly bring something to the Regatta that nobody has ever seen before and that was our very own Drum & Bass set with a live MC! The reaction we got was AMAZING as the speakers pounder our area with music that has never been at The Henley Regatta ever before. We made our mark on this year’s regatta by flipping the script and disrupting the enclosure in the only way we know…

Final Thoughts

Looking back on the month we had in June, we couldn't be happier with what we have been able to achieve and the number of lives we have changed. Cambridge Club, Strawberries & Creem, Glastonbury and Henley Royal Regatta got well and truly RIOT’d like nobody could have imagined! Smoking quitters are growing and thriving towards a brighter future for themselves, their loved ones and for the planet.