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    Riot Rehab at Cambridge Club Festival 2022

    At RIOT, We have always been a work hard, party hard company! When the world was locked down, we didn't rest! - we spent our time dreaming up new ideas...

    Riot Rehab at Cambridge Club Festival 2022

    At RIOT, We have always been a work hard, party hard company! When the world was locked down, we didn't rest! - we spent our time dreaming up new ideas to help make the world a better place on the other side! 2022 will see RIOT touring festivals all over the UK and we kicked it all off with The Cambridge Club festival on the 10th - 12th of June. Keep reading to see what went down…

    What Went Down

    With its first outing in 2017, The Cambridge Club has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing and most-loved festivals in the country. With their biggest lineup EVER this year starring big names like Diana Ross, Nile Rodgers & Chic, The Jacksons, and Gabrielle, we were in for a treat. We made our mark on the festival to let everyone know who we were at RIOT Labs and why we were the answer to their smoking cessation by going through R.I.O.T’s 4 steps to quitting smoking! Not to mention being able to promote our brand new RIOT Bar, the first fully carbon-negative, disposable vape!

    riot rehab bus

    The Friday kicked off with some feel-good tunes and 22-degree sunshine as we crusaded up from our RIOT base in Milton Keynes to the Childerley Orchard. Our RIOT Rehab bus was unmissable, stationed right next to the entrance to the festival. Funky festival-goers started flooding in as the clock struck 5 and we were underway. Only being a few hundred metres away from the Main stage, our Rioters were able to dance along with 5,000 party animals on the opening day to the 80’s cheese that Sarah Cox presented and some Jazz-funk with Level 42. We conversed with a whole lot of potential Rioters on Friday to let them know we would be here all weekend and what they could expect from us!


    As the Saturday doors opened up, the masses flooded in and the attendees grew to over 11,000 party people! Our RIOT bus was quickly full and we were able to enjoy the company of thousands of people to talk to them about the triggers they have for smoking and take them through our 4 steps to quitting. We then kicked their boxes of cancer sticks goodbye and supplied them with their brand new Riot Bar! As expected, our Riot Bars were a MASSIVE hit over the weekend with Cherry Fizz and Triple Mint shining as the crowd's favourites. We were able to grow the Riot Squad and bring on a whole new force of soldiers to join the movement we are embarking on!

    We had countless customers who became familiar faces over the course of the weekend. So many came back just to share how they were getting on with their vapes or just to proudly tell us that they hadn't smoked all day! Even at the festival, which the NHS would say is a HUGE trigger and should be avoided at all costs, they were able to withdraw from smoking and instead enjoy their Riot Bars. QUIT EASY and PARTY HARD was crying out through the Cambridgeshire countryside!

    riot rehab


    In conclusion, the weekend at Cambridge was a complete success and pure mayhem! We were able to achieve our goal of converting hundreds of people to the healthier alternative to smoking by vaping and educating them on the process of quitting smoking the R.I.O.T Way and we can't wait to show the results of our new squadrons with you soon!

    Next up… Strawberries and Creem Festival! If you happen to be there this weekend on the 18th and 19th of June, get ready to join the Riot!

    We don't bite…