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Can You Quit Smoking at a Festival? Glastonbury Finds Out

The 3rd stop on our Riot Rehab Bus Tour saw us stampede south to sunny Somerset for the biggest festival of the year - Glastonbury had returned! Our mission of...

can you quit smoking at a festival

The 3rd stop on our Riot Rehab Bus Tour saw us stampede south to sunny Somerset for the biggest festival of the year - Glastonbury had returned!

Our mission of changing the status quo of smoking cessation was holding strong from our successes so far on this conquest. Our excitement just like everyone else was hard to contain as we prepared for the long weekend we were about to spend in Worthy Farm. Here’s how Glastonbury 2022 unfolded for Riot E-Liquid!!

riot bus

Glasto Returns!

After being born in 1970, Glastonbury has made its place as the king of festivals over the years and it had finally returned! The festival takes place on over 900 acres of land and welcomes around 210,000 festival attendees. That's more people than the population of Peterborough and Portsmouth! The 50th-anniversary celebrations took place this year after missing it in 2020 due to Covid. Our freedom was taken for granted before 2020 so the ambition and excitement that had been building for 2 years was ready to explode! The 210,000 party people stormed through the gates to the Pilton on Thursday to celebrate and get ready to watch huge headlining acts like Billie Eilish, Paul Mccartney, Kendrick Lamar and Olivia Rodrigo.

Riot’s Glasto

As for the Riot Rehab Bus, we were located just outside of the main camping site of Glastonbury in a magical place called The Winding Lake. The Glamorous and certainly more spacious camping site was set up for A-listers, celebrities and high rollers who intended on glamping their way through the days ahead. We hosted to some lovely people over the weekend and saw familiar faces such as Jamie Carragher among the celebrities we would see on a daily basis. Not to mention the chairman of The UKVIA - John Dunne who came and spent a lot of time with our Riot team talking about all things vaping, sustainability and smoking cessation.

Being opposite The Winding Lake food area, we were very busy during the morning time and evening as people would be starting and finishing their day in the campsite food bar whilst being in the main festival area during the day. And what’s a better partner with your bacon sarnie & coffee in the morning other than a RIOT Bar? Everyone who came over to the bus loved the white luxury seating area and the supply of top tunes being played in our very own DJ booth at the top of the bus. As we travelled into the night, well so did our music giving a party atmosphere for our VIP guests.

We also hosted two journalists Dan Laurie and Amy Denman who we challenged to quit smoking at a festival the RIOT WAY! We gave Riot gift packages consisting of all 10 Riot Bar flavours, Riot merch and some festival essentials which were left in their very own bell tent as well as great advice from our stop smoking experts.

When they arrived they were over the moon with what they got and chilled with us for some drinks and Riot Bar tasting. We received nothing but positive feedback on the flavours and smooth experience the Riot Bars gave. As it was closing in on the end of the weekend, Dan and Amy revisited us to tell us how amazed they were at how little they smoked over their time at Glastonbury. They found themselves always going for the vape over their cigarettes and were shocked it was that easy for them. We knew this would happen and person by person, we are changing the status quo of smoking cessation by showing you can PARTY HARD & QUIT EASY!

Overall it was a very chilled weekend in The Winding Lake filled with laughter, music, drinks and vapes. We were able to once again stop countless people from taking out their pack of cigarettes and instead get them well underway on their quitting journey! No more will we settle for seeing people ruin their health through those little death sticks.

Three festivals down and the Riot rampage carries on looking bolder than ever! Our mission has been amplified over these past few weeks and there's no sign of slowing down now. The big bad tobacco won't know what hit them as smokers are being converted to vaping all over the UK by the masses!

glastonbury 2022

Our next stop on the tour for the month of June will be the much anticipated - Henley Royal Regatta.