We’re here to help people liberate themselves from the choking grasp of cigarettes without giving up the things they love. The truth is vaping works, and we want the world to know. Armed with our products, millions of people are transforming their lives and leading the charge to a more socially and environmentally responsible society. No one does vaping like riot. We’re different because we create our flavours from scratch, replicating the profiles of ingredients precisely down to the bonds between molecules. For quitters, we offer a better way. For longer-term vapers, the best experience around. As we’ve grown, so we’ve evolved - from a rebel raging against the machine into a hero leading a movement - and our brand reflects this maturity.

We actually give a sh*t

Why Riot?

  • UK Made Flavour

  • Award Winning

  • Carbon Negative

  • Free Delivery

  • UK Made Flavour

    Award Winning

    Carbon Negative

    Free Delivery


We've helped thousands of people quit smoking

The R.I.O.T way


RIP the rule book

We're not about following the same old script. Based on legit studies, we get that motivation is your secret weapon in the quitting game. Step one? Amp up that motivation, whether it's for your health, your bank account, or whatever lights your fire. 🔥


Identify your triggers

Knowing what sets off your smoking habit can be a total game-changer. Research has dropped some truth bombs about the things that trigger smoking, like booze, caffeine, stress, and, yes, even sex. It's time to face these triggers head-on. 👊🏻


One step at a time

Building your quitting superpowers is the name of the game. Studies have shown that believing in yourself is a key player in your success. So, cut down on the cigarettes and trade them in for some slick nicotine replacements when you feel like lighting up. 🚭


Teach and transform

This final step ties it all together. Sharing your journey isn't just about you; it's about transforming lives, yours included. It's time to teach, inspire, and break free from the smoke cloud. 💪

Riot rehab

We're on a mission

To help every single smoker quit, one city at a time.

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Quitting guide

Follow our 4 simple steps to success

Rip up the rule book, Identify your triggers, One step at a time, Teach and Transform

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Real customers real stories


"Smoking sucks, we've wanted to quit for years and now we're going to give it a good go ourselves at the same time as campaigning to get Merry Quitmas to No.1. Almost 30 years on from East17’s first Christmas Number 1."

Real customers real stories

Known for his daring climbs on the world's tallest structures. George recognises his addiction, identifies the roots of his fear, overcomes obstacles and transforms his life to chase his passions.

Meet George King
  • George King - The Shard Climber

Real customers real stories

Chef Dave @chefdave11

One third of @3blokesandbeers, Chef Dave Travels Around the UK Hunting for the BEST & WORST Pubs & Restaurants

Real customers real stories


Nigel, a retired accountant, has always been a health nut but his love of smoking started to catch up with him. At 68 years old, he's on a physical health journey to improve his diet, exercise routine, and sleep habits, while also enjoying karaoke and dancing. Nigel knows that quitting smoking at his age won't be easy, but he's committed to taking his physical health journey to the next level.

A sustainable future

We are at the forefront of promoting sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the vaping industry. Our commitment to sustainability extends across every aspect of our operations, from product development to packaging and distribution.

Recycle me

High-quality, ethically produced ingredients

Energy-efficient manufacturing processes

Reducing waste generation

Promote biodiversity & conservation

The latest from Riot

We are kicking off festival season with a BANG. Sharing our mission and ingiting change at the kind of places people wouldn't expect. See how we are helping this year's festival goers give smoking the finger.

Our 2024 Festival Lineup Suck on this
  • Forbidden Festival

  • No Comply

  • Snowbombing

Reinventing the disposable

Mission: eradicate disposables

A vape device born from recycled plastic, that is carbon negative, and can be recharged up to 500 times. Let's save our landfills!

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We are giving you the chance to win entry to some of the biggest and best festivals of the summer. Enter now to win the chance to party with Riot!

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