Become a Riot reseller and join the movement. Our mission is audacious: to dismantle the status quo of smoking cessation and lead a revolution towards a healthier future.

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We are not here to blend into the sea of e-liquid brands; we are here to lead the charge, to defend the industry, and to fight for the rights of responsible retailers and consumers alike.

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    All our e-liquid is made from the molecule up in our lab in Milton Keynes and produced in our facility next door.

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    The best e-liquid brand in the business, your customers know who we are and seek out our award winning flavours.

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What's New at Riot?

Introducing Connex

Riot connex isn’t just a vape; it’s a statement. We’re shaking up the industry And leading a revolution against disposable e-cigarettes.


A movement born to protect the rights of quitters and vapers everywhere. Under the rallying cry “Don’t Quit on Quitters.”

The Vape Tax

We sent a show of support to responsible vape retailers up and down the country by sticking two fingers up at Jeremy Hunt’s nonsensical vape tax.

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Meet the Sales Team

Gemma: UK Sales Manager

Been with Riot since it was born, madly in love with my job and team. If you're in the UK and need some Riot in your shop, count on me to hook you up with the best Business Development Managers in the business!

Ant: SNR BDM South East

Four BEAUTIFUL years of Riot and counting, love the energy and the passion of the sales team. The king of closing deals and vaping bonanzas baby!


Riots very own wheeler & dealer. Love the job and all the nutters I've met along the way! More reliable than the VW Caddy you might see me around in. Covering Essex, Hertfordshire & Wales.

Joe: BDM Midlands, East Anglia

Vape Bonanza DJ Extravaganza, blazing trails & trebling sales in Vape Shops nationwide!

Lewis: BDM South West

Been part of the Riot squad for four glorious years, hit me up for all your Riot needs. The best in the South West!

Jonathan: UK Sales Admin

I have been with the business since August 2023, love the team I work with. I can help put you in touch with the vape experts of Riot.

Ashanti: Sales Admin

Been part of the family for 4 days and counting. Loving the vibes so far, drop me an email and I can get Jonathan to help me reply xoxo

Alson: NPD MGR Head of Asia

Charting sales success across Asia. Orchestrating teams to conquer markets. Passionate about innovation, growth, and making connections. Let's shape the future together! Feel free to connect with me anytime!

Sam: International & Contract Sales Manager

Part of the Riot furniture now since 2021 and pushing the International Riot & White label global charge. Get in touch with me to onboard the best brand in the business and take your new brand to the world stage!

Max: King of White Label

Been with Riot a short while but am committed to the cause. Will do ANYTHING for my white label partners! Hit me up to get the wheels in motion for your own white label brand!

Connor: BDM Northern Ireland

Your main man for creating a RIOT in Northern Ireland, all passion and no social cues. You're one phone call away from the ultimate craic. (We also can’t ship them RIOT balaclavas to NI, I’ve asked!)

Steven: BDM North West & Scotland

Joined Riot a year ago, If you are based in the North and want someone who you can actually understand instead of a southerner get in touch !!

Akhil: BDM UK

Joined Riot not too long ago!

Amir BDM North East & Yorkshire

King of the North, Give me a shout for quality UK Eliquid NOW!!!!

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