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    “In Case of Emergency” Boris Johnson Stunt Shakes Up Westminster

    This morning, the streets of Westminster were shaken by a spectacle that cut through the mundane fog of typical political discourse—a life-sized Boris Johnson encased in a glass box with...

    Boris Johnson statue westminster

    This morning, the streets of Westminster were shaken by a spectacle that cut through the mundane fog of typical political discourse—a life-sized Boris Johnson encased in a glass box with the bold inscription: "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS." At Riot Labs, we launched this audacious stunt not merely for spectacle but as a potent act of defiance and satire at a crucial time in our nation’s politics.


    With the Conservatives navigating a campaign fraught with blunders and falling behind Labour, we took it upon ourselves to inject a dose of much-needed humour and pointed critique into the election atmosphere. The figure we presented wasn’t just a statue; it was a clear, resonant statement.

    Our team spent two months meticulously crafting this effigy of Boris to capture his infamous persona perfectly—from his tousled blonde hair to his characteristically crooked tie. This Boris was presented without deception, a stark contrast to the murky waters of his political legacy.


    As our glass-encased Boris toured Westminster, guarded by robust handlers, he quickly became a focal point for selfies, transforming into a viral moment that ignited spirited exchanges across TikTok and Twitter. The immediate and palpable reaction from the public showcased the stunt’s resonance, with widespread sharing and commenting unfolding in real-time.

    This initiative wasn’t just about stirring the pot. It was strategically designed to draw critical attention to the vaping legislation debate—a topic we believe has been significantly mishandled by the current government. With the Smoking and Vaping bill stalled and awaiting consideration from the incoming government, we are taking control and advocating for sensible and just vaping regulations that prevent youth usage without compromising adult smokers’ access to harm-reduction options.


    This year has been a tumultuous one for the vape sector, with the Government trying - and ultimately failing - to rush through unjustified new vaping laws which would have been a disaster for the vape sector and more importantly, the millions of adult smokers trying to quit cigarettes.

    Whichever Government we end up with this week, smoking and vaping policy will be back on the lengthy to-do list and we'll be taking the fight to policy makers to stand-up for the vape sector.


    Installing the Boris Johnson statue in Westminster during election week wasn’t a mere temporary gimmick—it was a calculated move to ensure that the debate on smoking and vaping policies remains front and centre. This installation stands as a symbol of vigilance, demanding that the incoming leaders do not overlook these crucial issues amidst the political turnover.

    Through our audacious stunt, we’ve not only highlighted the intersection of art, politics, and business, but we’ve also taken charge of steering the conversation in an area often dominated by uninspired policymaking. This act challenges the public’s perception of political figures and redefines how we engage with and influence our political environment.


    As the electorate ponders their choices at the polls, the sight of Boris behind glass serves as a powerful reminder: it’s time to break away from traditional political indifference. It’s an urgent, bold call to action that’s impossible to ignore. We’ve ensured that the debate around vaping—and indeed the broader discourse of this election—is alive, visible, and demanding attention. Now, it’s up to the electorate and the incoming government to respond to these pressing issues.