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This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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Summer’s not over yet… RIOT X Sunbourne 2022!

Summer’s not over yet… RIOT X Sunbourne 2022!


You thought we were done for this summer? Think again! The Riot Rehab Tour continues to rampage across the country and next up on our hitlist is Sunbourne 2022! After our Riot Rehab showdown the other week where the boys and girls went head to head, the team is back together and ready to travel down to the (hopefully) sunny sides of Essex for a weekend filled with garage classics. Here. We. Go. Again…

Sunbourne Meets RIOT

As the year slowly trickled to the end of September, Riot knew our summer Riot Rehab Tour was coming to an end and our hearts started to come to the realisation. Our team finds it hard to take a rest when we know the damage tobacco & cigarettes are doing to not only us but our planet as well so it was a hard pill to swallow knowing we would have to wait until next year for our next summer festival tour. But we weren't going to lay down our arms without getting one more festival in the books! Sunbourne 2022 was the closing festival of our Riot Rehab Tour and we were excited for the weekend ahead.

As the festival goers started pouring in on Saturday, our quit-smoking experts were standing ready to converse with people and let them know the damage that smoking cigarettes are doing to their lives and the planet that we call home. We spoke to many smokers in the comfort of our Riot Rehab Bus. We educated them on how quitting smoking has never been easier when you use the most successful quitting tool (vaping), put our 4 steps to quitting smoking into action & still being able to enjoy life as you please without any sacrifices - apart from the little death sticks that do no good for them! We were able to convert numerous amount of smokers to vaping and get them started on their quitting journey where they could see a brighter future ahead of them.                                                                          

For our last festival, we knew we had to go big so we teamed up with the infamous Garage Nation to host our last party and put on a show the Riot way! We hosted stage 2 at the festival with Garage Nation and brought some of the best MCs and DJs to our Riot van. Our Riot stage also brought some spectacular performances from fire eaters and fire performers which set the stage alight (not literally). Hundreds of people were dancing into the night and vaping away having the time of their lives. The energy was unmatched and our award-winning Riot Bar flavours were a hit, supplying everybody with the nicotine cravings they desired without having to give in to smoking a cigarette.

Until Next Year…

To be able to end our summer Riot Rehab Tour with none other than Garage Nation, gave our conquest the fitting end it deserved after a ridiculously successful tour. Our feelings are bitter-sweet right now knowing we have to wait until next year for our next tour but we are also very proud of what we have achieved throughout it, how many smoker's lives we have changed and the distance we have been able to spread our message to #QUITTHERIOTWAY. We think it is safe to say we have solidified our place as The planet's answer to quitting smoking but we couldn't have done it without the help of our quit smoking team and of course our fellow Riot Squad members who have been on the journey with us!

Summer festivals may be over but even in Autumn & Winter, there are still places where smoking triggers come into play. If you thought you had heard the last of us this year, think again!

To hear about all things Riot and what we will be doing for the rest of the year, make sure to follow us on social media!

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