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Riot Rehab Festival Showdown - Forwards VS Soultown!

Introduction With our amazing success last weekend at Witcombe Festival and our VIP appearance at Notting Hill Carnival, The Riot Rehab Tour has never looked stronger! Our confidence is at...

riot rehab tour


With our amazing success last weekend at Witcombe Festival and our VIP appearance at Notting Hill Carnival, The Riot Rehab Tour has never looked stronger! Our confidence is at an all-time high to bring in our next wave of quitters as we travel on down to Forwards Festival and Soultown for our first ever festival showdown! Our Riot team split up into two groups (girls vs boys) as they went head to head to see who could recruit the most amount of new Riot quitters and also put on the best show at their festival!

The Festival Showdown

Over the weekend our two teams both wanted to take the winning trophy home and the bragging rights, but that didn't steer them away from WHY we were at the festivals. Both teams were against each other but still worked with our mission in mind!

At Riot, we know from continued success stories that vaping has the highest success rate for quitting smoking ahead of all other methods. No matter what big organisations such as the WHO and the NHS have to say, you CAN quit easy and you CAN do it whilst partying, drinking and living life to the fullest. Traditional cigarettes have over 7,000 harmful chemicals in them while vaping on the other hand has less than 100 - almost 98.5% less than tobacco! We know the potential vaping has to become the No.1 substitute for cigarettes and we are at Soultown & Forwards to prove it again!

Forwards X The Boys

More than a music concert, Forwards is a new inner-city music festival that draws the biggest names in international music to Bristol Downs. A festival birthed in the name of good music and positive change. The Riot Boys were prepped and ready for the weekend ahead as they travelled down to the famous Bristol City. The Saturday was welcomed in by 20,000 people and a grey coat of clouds that shadowed over the Bristol Downs field, but that didn't stop the Riot Boys from fulfilling their mission. Each member of the team knew their jobs for the day and what area they were going to focus on so no stone was left unturned! The team on tills & sales were on fire as they had queues of people waiting to get their hands on the world's first, entirely recyclable disposable e-cigarette - Riot Bar! Wristbands were flying out with our special festival discount code for every customer to use on our website and they also SMASHED our festival record of vapers & smokers recruited in just ONE DAY! The team killed it, now for our social media & content team…

Throughout the weekend our team of content connoisseurs spoke with countless people in our Riot Rehab Bus area about our 4 steps to quitting smoking, our Riot Recycle Scheme and many more. The content guys were running like a well oiled machine as they asked festival-goers to join them for some blind taste testing against a competing disposable, flavour testimonials on different flavours of our Riot Bar and also catching them in vaping action when they were enjoying their Riot Bar! Not to mention, the wild fluorescent worm that might have made a star guest appearance in one of our stories on Instagram! Did you see it?

Soultown X The Girls

Soultown Festival 2022 brings together the biggest Soul, Motown, Disco, Funk & House acts from across the globe and hosts them in the sun-kissed fields of Kent. The girls may not have had the Riot Bus for themselves but that didn't stop them from crying out our message just as loud as the Riot Boys!

Soultown made way for 10,000 groovers and disco lovers on the sold-out sun-kissed Saturday. The Riot Girls were honoured by a very warm welcome from the Deputy Mayor of Bromley - Christine Harris who loved & supported our mission to help the masses quit smoking. Her welcome put the girls in high spirits as the Saturday started to pick up and Riot Bars were flying out with the best seller Strawberry Blueberry Ice making its mark.

The main stage was sponsored by Riot Vape hosting performances from Soul II Soul & Heather Small and as our branded fans started filling the hands of everyone in sight, you couldn't walk 5 feet without seeing Riot somewhere! All weekend the girls were on the hunt to convert as many smokers to vapers as possible. Whilst on their hunt they must have wandered all the way to Essex as they met not 1, not 2 but 3 TOWIE stars! Pete Wicks, Arg and Lydia met the Riot Girls and all loved our purpose and supported everything that we were doing!

The girls also had with them for the very first time, The Riot 360 video camera which was a hit with the Soultown crowd! This also allowed the girls to capture more smokers and learn about their triggers so they could help convert them to the 95% healthier alternative in vaping! They also met a bunch of security guards & staff who have all now started their quitting journey and will for sure and undoubtedly #QUITTHERIOTWAY!


The weekend was one for the history books as it was our first ever double festival weekend! We broke records, we grew the quitting army, we had fun and we made sure our message was heard loud and clear. With our new range of disposables coming in 20mg, 10mg, and 0mg our new quitters will be able to start their journey at their pace and eventually wean themselves off nicotine for good. We are going to keep supporting them through their quitting journey and help them finally kick the habit with the help of our quit-smoking experts!

As for the competition…

Overall, both teams gave it their all and left every ounce of energy & grit out on the floor at their chosen festivals. We were able to recruit hundreds of more quitters to add to our quitting army and grab some of our best social media content to date. But there has to be a winner and due to them breaking the festival record of quitters recruited, their non-stop pile of social media content and their overall team effort and morale, your Riot festival showdown winners are (drumroll please) - THE RIOT BOYS!

Congratulations to the Riot Boys for an amazing weekend at Forwards Bristol and also a huge congratulations to the girls who still smashed it, even without having the unmissable Riot Rehab Bus with them. We couldn't be happier with how both teams approached the showdown and it has now built up the team spirit for when we attend our next festival, the teams will be reunited once more! New World Festival won't know what hit them…