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    Embracing the Riot: Reggaeland Festival

    This past weekend was a monumental moment for us at Riot E-Liquid as we unveiled our Riot Rehab Bus at Reggaeland Festival in our hometown of Milton Keynes, right at...

    Reggae Land 2023

    This past weekend was a monumental moment for us at Riot E-Liquid as we unveiled our Riot Rehab Bus at Reggaeland Festival in our hometown of Milton Keynes, right at the iconic National Bowl venue. The atmosphere was electric, with the air pulsating to the beats of the hottest Reggae and Dancehall artists. The likes of Sean Paul, Beanie Man, and David Rodigan set the stage on fire, delivering the island vibes we've all been yearning for. As we stepped into the festival grounds, we were welcomed by a symphony of good vibes and the aroma of jerk chicken wafting through the air, to effortlessly craft the ultimate ambience for all attendees.

    Prime Location: Front and Centre

    Our Riot Rehab Bus found its prime spot right next to the main stage, placing us in the heart of the action. This strategic location attracted high-profile guests and artists, including renowned artists General Levy and Lisa Mafia. Our Riot Bars took centre stage, impressing festival-goers with their vibrant flavours and the fact that they are fully recyclable. We were delighted to share details about our pioneering UK Disposable Recycling Scheme, educating attendees about the responsible disposal of our products.

    Joining the R.I.O.T Journey

    Throughout the festival, we engaged in conversations with hundreds of individuals eager to embark on their journey to quit smoking the R.I.O.T way. Equipped with the right knowledge and tools, we guided them toward making the switch and taking charge of their health.

    Our Instagram turned into an exhilarating battleground as Sarah and Dave showcased their social media prowess in a friendly rivalry. The question of who emerged victorious in the ultimate Social whizz showdown, team Satur-Dave or team Sarah, had everyone tuning in to witness the excitement.

    Members of the Riot Squad, Riot Ruth, and Nigel, infused the main stage with boundless energy, engaging festival-goers in rhythmic dance moves inspired by the Caribbean beats. Their infectious spirit sparked a dance-off in true Riot style, creating a viral sensation on Tik Tok and amassing comments of admiration from viewers.

    Reggaeland Festival was undeniably a triumph for us. Not only did we groove to the music and immerse ourselves in the festival spirit, but we also accomplished our mission of recruiting numerous smokers to embrace the healthier choice of vaping. Our Riot Rehab Bus became a hub of knowledge and inspiration, empowering individuals to take control of their smoking habits.

    Stay Connected: Follow the Riot Journey

    Make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram for updates on our upcoming festivals and events. The Reggaeland experience was just the beginning of our journey to spread awareness, inspire change, and create a brighter, smoke-free future.

    Follow us on Instagram and the Riot Squad on Tik Tok to keep an eye on what we get up to next.