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This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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Unleashing the Riot: Forbidden Forest x Riot 2023

Unleashing the Riot: Forbidden Forest x Riot 2023

The Summer festival season kicked off with a bang as the Riot Rehab bus made its electrifying debut. Armed with passion, purpose, and our irresistible Riot Bars, we set out to show party goers that they can embrace the festival spirit while making a positive switch from smoking to vaping. 

Join us as we recount our unforgettable weekend at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, where we challenged the status quo of vaping and witnessed the power of our 4 simple RIOT steps.

Belvoir Castle was the place to be, drawing in over 25,000 music lovers set to enjoy the mesmerising beats of Groove Armada through to the infectious energy of Example – the forest came alive in a way that only a music festival can. Nestled near the main stage entrance, our Riot Rehab bus beckoned festival-goers with its vibrant presence, while our Riot Van stood at the heart of the campsite, ensuring Riot Bars and expert advice were easily accessible to all.

Under the scorching summer sun, the atmosphere was electric, charged with anticipation and enthusiasm. The Riot Rehab bus became a hub of activity as a constant stream of people gathered around, eager to learn more about making the switch from smoking to vaping. Conversations about festival triggers were commonplace, with attendees discovering the freedom and satisfaction that comes from embracing the RIOT way. The buzz spread, and discussions about our groundbreaking recycling program, the first of its kind in the UK, ignited curiosity and interest.

Saturday marked a special occasion as our competition winners stepped onto the bus, ready to experience the Riot revolution firsthand. Amidst laughter and excitement, they indulged in a selection of our delectable Riot Bars, enjoying a meet and greet with our passionate team. It was a moment of camaraderie, where smiles and shared stories reinforced the power of our mission.

Our Riot team was a force to be reckoned with, comprising our dedicated promotion staff, marketing wizards, and sales extraordinaires. Together, we achieved record-breaking numbers of people switching making this our most successful activation EVER! We converted skeptics into believers, igniting a movement and showed festival-goers that they could party hard and still make a positive impact. As the music throbbed and bodies swayed, our message echoed throughout the festival grounds, loud and clear.

Our time at Belvoir Castle was nothing short of legendary. We left a trail of inspiration, conversions, and dancing souls in our wake. The Riot Rehab bus stood tall as a symbol of freedom, offering festival-goers the chance to liberate themselves from the choking grasp of cigarettes. We proved that embracing the RIOT way of switching can go hand in hand with the thrill of the festival experience. With our dedicated team leading the charge, we shattered expectations and cemented Riot's position as a catalyst for change.

As the summer festival season continues, we eagerly await the next opportunity to spread our message, inspire others, and empower more individuals to make the switch. Join us in the revolution, and let's unleash the Riot together.


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