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Riot Light’s Up Paris Fashion Week: A Smoking Cessation Advocate

Riot Light’s Up Paris Fashion Week: A Smoking Cessation Advocate: A Smoking Cessation Advocate and took the message of quitting smoking to Paris Fashion Week in style. Explore our sponsorship of the Chief Keef x Unknown x Ed Hardy event.

Riot Light’s Up Paris Fashion Week: A Smoking Cessation Advocate

This past weekend, Riot left its mark on none other than the global fashion hub, Paris. A city celebrated for its timeless elegance, it became the canvas for our mission to raise awareness about smoking cessation. In a nation where approximately 25% of adults still smoke in 2023, Paris provided the ideal stage to champion a smoke-free future.


Where Fashion Meets Smoke-Free Living

Our presence at Paris Fashion Week was more than just a matter of style; it was a platform for a message - the message that giving up smoking isn't just a health choice; it's a stylish one too. We mingled with the elite crowd at the Chief Keef x Unknown x Ed Hardy event with EYC, a day and night extravaganza that showcased the iconic pieces of Ed Hardy. The event sparkled with streetwear and culture, drawing fashion icons and influencers from the Parisian streets and beyond. It was a convergence of cultures, a space where art, fashion, and music converged harmoniously, cultivating an ambience of creative expression and individuality.

Paris: Embracing Change

Our time in Paris provided a profound glimpse into the rich cultural mosaic of the city. We engaged in conversations with both locals and tourists, delving deep into discussions about why smoking still clung to its perception of being fashionable in France. The insights we gained were nothing short of fascinating, offering a nuanced view of the deeply entrenched smoking culture in the country.

Nevertheless, just like countless other cities worldwide, Paris is undergoing a metamorphosis. Awareness about the health hazards linked to smoking is steadily increasing, and more individuals are actively seeking alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Paris 2

The Ascendance of Vaping in Paris

In synchrony with this global shift, Paris has witnessed the ascent of e-cigarettes and vaping. This transformation represents a broader movement wherein vaping is progressively supplanting traditional smoking, primarily due to the perceived health advantages it presents.

As a smoking cessation company, Riot's sponsorship of the Chief Keef x Unknown x Ed Hardy with EYC held profound significance in this endeavour. By aligning our brand with the realm of haute couture, we delivered a potent message: giving up smoking isn't a compromise on style; rather, it elevates one's sense of style.

A Stylish, Smoke-Free Tomorrow

Paris Fashion Week 2024 was about more than just flaunting exquisite clothing; it was a commemoration of transformation. It was a proclamation that fashion and health can coexist harmoniously. Riot took pride in participating in this pivotal moment within the fashion capital of the world.

Our pursuit of promoting smoking cessation is unyielding, and we firmly believe that by fusing panache with purpose, we can inspire a greater number of individuals to embark on their smoke-free journeys. Paris has forever been a city synonymous with innovation and creativity, and we are thrilled to be a part of this movement toward a more elegant, smoke-free future.

Head to to start your smoking cessation journey today.