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InterTabac Expo 2023

Step into the heart of InterTabac 2023! Riot's sensational showcase, game-changing alliances, and thrilling innovations in smoking await.

InterTabac Expo 2023

Where Smoke and Innovation Ignited!

InterTabac 2023, hosted in the lively city of Dortmund, Germany, brought together aficionados, professionals, and fresh faces from across the globe. With a mind-boggling 600 exhibitors hailing from a whopping 69 countries, this annual extravaganza was a haven for anyone passionate about vaping and smoking cessation in all its forms.

A Whiff of Diversity

Imagine a place where cigars, E-cigarettes, pipes, and smoking accessories converge into an awe-inspiring display of choice. That's InterTabac for you! What made this year even more extraordinary was the debut of 160 exhibitors. These newcomers boldly showcased their products to a worldwide audience, emphasising InterTabac's pivotal role as a launchpad for emerging talents.

The Vaping Vortex

Vaping enthusiasts, this was your paradise! Over 680 exhibitors graced the event, with 150 dedicated to the vaping segment. This significant presence mirrors the growing influence of our industry. The surprise guest? None other than Mike Tyson himself, endorsing his line of smoking accessories, including the notorious 'blunt wraps' and rolling machines.

The Birth of an Alliance

Just before the curtains rose at InterTabac, a groundbreaking announcement shook the halls of Messe Dortmund. Enter the Global Vape Alliance (GVA), a consortium supported by industry giants like the ECCC, IEVA, VTA, and UKVIA. Their mission: to foster cooperation, responsible practices, and harm reduction in the vaping realm. A testament to our commitment to progress and safety.

Connecting the Dots

With 13,500 trade visitors in attendance, InterTabac 2023 was a melting pot of ideas and innovation. Jan Mücke, Chief Executive of the German Association of the Tobacco Industry and Next-Generation Products (BVTE), lauded the event's success, especially in showcasing next-generation products (NGPs). NGPs, encompassing heat-not-burn products, vaping, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and potentially risk-reduced products (PRRPs), stole the spotlight. Over 150 specialised exhibitors in this domain presented their latest offerings, reaffirming the evolving landscape of smoking.

Riot's Radiance

Now, let's turn the spotlight to Riot! Our team established vital connections with our international stakeholders and mingled with key players in the German market. Our rendezvous with Barehead was a highlight, showcasing the power of collaboration. Riot was the undeniable star of the show, captivating attendees with its vibrant presence. Our booth featured BAR EDTN testing stations, allowing visitors to savour our Sweet as F**k e-liquid flavours. The response? Overwhelmingly positive! Countless B2B discussions unfolded, leading to exciting new deals and partnerships. InterTabac 2023 was a whirlwind of innovation and networking. Riot's indomitable spirit, along with the promise of a smoke-filled yet safer future, left an indelible mark. Until next year, when we once again ignite the stage at InterTabac!