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How to Prepare a Coil That Lasts Longer

how to prepare a coil that lasts longer

One of the best ways to maximise the enjoyment of your vaping experience is by priming the coils. If you're new to vaping, you should know how the device works to avoid any accidents or damage to your new vape. Moreover, taking care of your coils will also make them last longer. So first , let's learn how your vaping device works and why you need to prepare its coil before vaping. Once you've learned how to prepare a coil, it will be easier to start indulging in some fresh flavours. 

Why do you need to prepare a coil?

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For those who are new to vaping, the process of "prepping" your coils means soaking them in e-liquid before you start using the device. This gives your coil a chance to soak up some liquid so that it will not burn or damage during use.

Primed coils for your vaping device can make a world of difference. Flawless flavour and maximal vapour production are just two advantages you'll enjoy when priming with fresh cotton. There's another reason why it is crucial: the lifespan! A new coil without being prepped thoroughly can cause unpleasant dry hits, so it is important it has sufficient e-liquid at all times.

Usually, this step is only necessary if using brand-new atomiser heads because it does not have sufficient e-liquid to work correctly. In order to a prime coil manually, you need to soak the wick – from both opening in top and sides - prior to filling up. Then leave the tank to sit for a short period before beginning to vape. This waiting time can be reduced from half-hour to five minutes by following the prep steps in the right order.

Don't be too eager to vape! If you end up burning your wick, it can only be replaced with pre-made coils that are difficult for beginners. You may even have to throw away your entire atomiser head if you’re not careful enough; this is expensive! Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to prepare a coil before you start vaping in excitement. 

How to Prepare your Coil

Once you learn to prepare the coil, you will be able to do it without any instructions. Make sure you completely soak the cotton wick in the e-liquid. Besides, use a high-quality liquid that follows all the guidelines and is safe to use. Here are the steps to include in the coil preparation to avoid any hassles. 

1. Wet the cotton wick

When you replace your atomiser head, it is best if the opening is facing upwards. This will allow for easier filling and dripping without having to take apart any components of your vape tank. Manually soak the cotton from the top with the e-liquid of your choice. To make this easier, you may separate the atomiser head. Do this very carefully and only if needed.

Adding e-liquid to your atomiser is perhaps the most important part of vaping. If done incorrectly, you could create a messy situation with excess liquid pooling inside and even trickling down onto nearby surfaces or clothing! Make sure that when applying droplets of pure concentrate into one's coils, just enough for good taste without going overboard. 

You may shake off any extra liquid from the wick. If you notice a lot of liquid, you may hear some gurgling noise and get some juice in your mouth through the mouthpiece. Therefore, ensure that you soak all the excess using a paper towel or shaking the wick. 

2. Saturate the cotton

The atomiser heads have little wicking ports on the outside, which allow for drawing in e-liquid from your tank. You can see cotton through these, which must be primed by adding a small amount directly onto them. This is the easiest step with no problems, even if you get all windows wet to soak the wick enough during the preparation stage. Stop when you see that the cotton is soaked in the liquid along with the interiors of your vape. 

3. Fill the tank

Now you can screw your new coil into the base of the tank and put it together. Fill with e-liquid, which will depend on how it is designed for each specific model but generally requires unscrewing a top cap to fill up from underneath! 

Avoid the central tube when preparing the coil, as it may go straight down without even priming. Apart from this, fill the tank only up to the recommended level by the manufacturer. Do not forget to re-attach the cap. 

4. Try some dry pulls

Dry pulls are just as important to vaping as they were when we first started. If you don't prime your atomiser head, air will not flow through and cool down the coils before inhaling with them; this could cause severe burns! 

A dry pull does suck liquid into those wicking ports, though- use it wisely by making sure there's enough space between fingers so that no excess fluid gets released too quickly onto sensitive electronics. 

Note that dry pulling is very different from a dry hit since you do not press the fire button. While doing this, cover the airflow holes and take in three to five pulls. Inhale these dry pulls at a comfortable speed so that you're good to go from there. 

5. Use lower wattage at first

If you have a dry hit, try vaping at a lower wattage. In case that doesn't work while you prepare a coil and it becomes crispy, then just keep reducing the power until it's back up to normal levels again! If you vape at 40 W, start at 20 W for the first few puffs. You should also make sure not too much juice is used when changing between different flavours because this can cause an off taste in some people's mouths.

In Conclusion 

Learning how to prepare a coil is easy but absolutely crucial when you install an atomiser. If done incorrectly, it could lead to dry hits, burned wicks, and may even damage the device. New vapers should be more careful when learning these steps to have a pleasant switch to vaping. Always remember: don't start vaping until the coil is prepped with a soaked wick. Patience is the key in preparing the coil, so do not skip any step.

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