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Bar EDTN 3 Activation: Embracing the Refillable Revolution

This past weekend was a momentous occasion for Riot E-Liquid as we teamed up with our esteemed B2B partner, Vapes & Shakes, to host a spectacular Bar EDTN 3 launch...

Bar Edition Launch

This past weekend was a momentous occasion for Riot E-Liquid as we teamed up with our esteemed B2B partner, Vapes & Shakes, to host a spectacular Bar EDTN 3 launch party. This exciting store activation was all about spreading the message of making the switch from disposables to refillable E-Liquids. With engaging conversations, exclusive discounts, and expert advice, the event showcased the myriad benefits of choosing refillables for both your wallet and the environment.

Ditch the Disposables: Embrace the Refillable Revolution

At the heart of our launch party was the mission to educate our customers and long-time Riot supporters about the undeniable advantages of choosing refillable E-Liquids over disposables. By making this mindful transition, vapers not only gain access to a diverse range of flavours and nicotine strengths, but they also play a pivotal role in reducing waste and fostering a more sustainable planet.

Creating the Unmistakable Riot Vibe

Stepping into the Vapes & Shakes store felt like immersing oneself in a Riot haven. Vibrant Bar EDTN posters adorned the walls, eye-catching POS displays caught the eye, and lively balloons infused the atmosphere with an electric energy. Our expert team of vaping connoisseurs were on hand to provide invaluable guidance on seamlessly transitioning to refillable E-Liquids. With their unwavering support, customers felt empowered and confident in their decision to embrace the refillable revolution. Attendee’s had the chance to sample our new Bar EDTN range and walked away with free goodie bags filled with exclusive merch and irresistible discounts.

Taking the Message to the Streets

Our Riot spirit transcended the confines of the store as we enlisted the fabulous Drag Queen Lady B to take to the streets of Dartford in a personalised and snazzy Riot rickshaw. Bedecked in Riot finery, Lady B's vivacious presence and infectious energy caught the attention of passersby, affording us the opportunity to further educate the public about the merits of refillable E-Liquids.

A Feast for the Senses

Vapes & Shakes went above and beyond to ensure our guests were not only entertained but also tantalised taste buds. An irresistible BBQ spread, boasting mouthwatering jerk chicken, satisfied the cravings of attendees, while our skilled mixologist crafted bespoke cocktails inspired by our 5 new BAR EDTN flavours: Lemon & Lime, Tropical Punch, Melon XL, Red Razz, and Fresh Mint. These delectable concoctions perfectly mirrored the delightful taste of our refillable E-Liquids and left guests craving for more.

The Bar EDTN 3 launch party was a resounding triumph, not just in terms of attendance but also in getting across our campaign message. We remain steadfast in our commitment to collaborating with our esteemed B2B stores to create impactful store activations that ignite positive change within the vaping community. If you are one of our B2B stores and are keen on participating in our next store activation, don't hesitate to reach out to your local sales representative at

Make the switch and Shop Bar EDTN, online and in-store today.