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    5 Easy Ways To Become a Coil Making Master

    Vaping is not just about the beautiful sensation we get when we take in the magical smoke of our devices,But REAL vapers will know that we take pride in the...

    5 Easy Ways To Become a Coil Making Master

    Vaping is not just about the beautiful sensation we get when we take in the magical smoke of our devices,

    But REAL vapers will know that we take pride in the ones we make to suit our characters. We like to be in the driver's seat, changing and adding as we please to our little electronic devices. The personalisation is endless with flavours, coils, tanks, designs, shapes, sizes, and colours we are able to play around with.

    This blog is going to give you 5 quick and easy steps you can take towards total mastery of your coil-making skills. Shall we begin?

    1. Get to know your Vape

    There's no point buying a vape with all these different parts if you don't know what you’re actually getting. There are countless different types of cartridges, pods and (the topic of today) coils! Knowing how to get the most out of it and maintaining it without knowing exactly which one it is will be your coil’s death sentence.

    So, find out which one you have and do the research.

    2. Chill out with the liquid!

    Are you one of those people that wonder why you keep getting the annoying leaks? No matter how far into your journey you are, we have all had this problem at some point in our vaping careers. But not too fear, there's a way to combat it. Have you guessed yet?

    Stop filling your tank up with liquid above the maximum fill line! It's so simple yet too many people still do it. Being conservative with the liquid will also ensure that there isn't too much vape liquid in the coil which may result in flooding issues. Flooding occurs when your vape liquid passes through the cotton of the coil and begins to build up in the chimney of your tank. The liquid will then pass through the holes and potentially end up in your mouth. Something none of us want.

    3. Store vape coils in a dry place where they won't be damaged by water or heat

    With sensitive materials such as cotton and metal as the main components of the coil, heat and water are its sworn enemies. There would be no feeling worse than needing your vape at your favourite time only to find out that it's been damaged by you leaving it in the sun. Humidity is not its friend. The vape coil will start to lose its form and quality when they are in an environment where the humidity is high whilst not in use.

    Well, when vape coils come into contact with water, they can begin to rust if the vape has metal components in it (which most do). We all know what rusting is but just in case you had forgotten, rusting is the process of metal reacting with oxygen and water to form compounds. This will usually cause the vape coil's outer layer to break down and form that horrible brown & orange rust layer.

    Moral of the story? Keep them dry. Keep them cool.

    4. Be wary of the tightness of your coil

    You can obviously start getting leaks if you don't tighten your coil enough, but you can also have the problem of getting dry hits and damages if tightened too much. The coils are sensitive and rightly so being made of the materials we touched upon earlier.

    There's a fine balance and you have to find out to get the most out of your vape for the longest period. You should only ever need to tighten it just enough so that they cannot fall off or come loose from their position. Too much in either way will result in damage.

    5. Clean, Clean and Clean some more

    Coils should be cleaned regularly to wash away the build-up of your e-liquids that sit in your tank for days on end. A quick small tip inside of a tip: Use quality E-liquid brands to also treat your coil!

    The vape coil is arguably the most important part of your vape. Without a clean vape coil, you're going to have a rough time vaping with any device, no matter the standard of the other components. The vape coils should be cleaned regularly and replaced when necessary in order to prevent clogs or malfunctions from occurring. From the first tip, you should know what coil your vape needs so ordering a new one should be a breeze.

    Coils can be cleaned with vodka, vinegar or warm water (no soap). Start with just water as there might not be a lot of residues to remove. If you’re still having trouble then soak it in vodka or vinegar to remove the stubborn residue.


    By consistently using these tips to keep your coil performing at its best, you will save a whole load of time and money spent on ordering replacements. Eventually, coils will need replacing but priming them to last as long as possible is the goal here.

    Treat your coils with care and they will reward you with a soothing vaping experience.

    Know someone who constantly burns out their coils? Share this with them!