Connex - Grape Ice Capsule

1 x 600 puff Connex capsule. A divine set of dark grapes with a thin icy layer.

600 Puffs

Grape the ice 🍇

We're more than zero. We're Carbon Negative!
Rechargeable Battery. Charge up to 500 times!
Eco Warrior. Reborn From Recycled Plastic.
Flavour just got serious. Custom Mesh Coil Magic.

Product info

A divine set of dark grapes with a thin icy layer.

Connect this grape ice flavoured Connex capsule to a Connex Battery (sold separately) and enjoy.

  • Activate the battery by switching it on
  • Attach your flavour capsule
  • start your Connex experience
  • Recharge the battery
  • Recycle empty capsules at home
  • Replace the capsule

This flavour capsule only works with the Connex battery which can be purchased as part of a Connex kit. This is a flavour capsule only.

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Orders placed by 4pm Monday - Friday aim to be dispatched the same day and depending on your location, should arrive the next working day. Orders dispatched on Friday will be delivered no sooner than Monday.

Any and all vape related waste, such as empty bottles, capsules and devices should be recycled responsibly. To find your nearest recycling centre, follow this link

How It Tastes

Customer FAQs

The Riot Connex system is not just an economically beneficial alternative; it's a leap towards sustainability. The numbers highlight a clear, quantifiable advantage in terms of carbon footprint reduction, affirming that eco-conscious decisions in product design can pave the way for impactful change. As consumers become more aware of their environmental footprints, Riot Connex offers a responsible and sustainable choice in the vaping industry.

The vaping industry, like many others, has its environmental challenges, primarily due to disposable products. To make an informed choice, it's crucial to understand the environmental footprint of products. Below, is an in-depth analysis comparing the Riot Connex system to traditional disposables, both on a monthly and annual scale.

Carbon Footprint: The Figures

  • Traditional Disposable e-cigarette: 356.11g CO2e per unit.
  • Riot Connex Kit: 201.35g CO2e (one-time purchase, made from recycled plastic).
  • Riot Connex Capsule: 72.35g CO2e per unit (daily purchase).

Monthly Environmental Impact Assessment

Traditional Disposable e-cigarette:

  • Daily: 356.11g CO2e
  • Monthly (30 days): 10,683.3g CO2e

Riot Connex (First month with kit purchase):

  • Kit (one-time): 201.35g CO2e
  • Capsule (30 days): 2,170.5g CO2e
  • Total for the first month: 2,371.85g CO2e

Riot Connex (Subsequent months):

  • Capsule (30 days): 2,170.5g CO2e

Annual Environmental Impact Assessment

Traditional Disposable e-cigarette:

  • Annually: 129,930.15g CO2e

Riot Connex (Including the one-time kit purchase in the first year):

  • Kit (one-time): 201.35g CO2e
  • Capsule (365 days): 26,407.75g CO2e
  • Total for the first year: 26,609.1g CO2e

For subsequent years (using only Riot Connex Capsules):

  • Annually: 26,407.75g CO2e

It can vary from person to person, depending on your usage, but as a general rule of thumb we'd expect 1200 puffs to last at least 2 days.