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9 Steps to Making Vaping Eco-Friendly in 2022

Vaping has a lower carbon footprint. Not only does it help reduce waste by not requiring filters or butts, but it can also be more sustainable for our planet. Most...

9 Steps to Making Vaping Eco-Friendly in 2022

Vaping has a lower carbon footprint. Not only does it help reduce waste by not requiring filters or butts, but it can also be more sustainable for our planet. Most vape devices are reusable and recyclable, which means you won't end up contributing to landfill pollution. Choosing reusable devices and recyclable packaging is one of the few ways you use products that can be more environmentally sustainable for the environment. Find out more about eco-friendly vaping and saving the planet.

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Vaping?

Switching to vaping is more sustainable as it does not generate non-biodegradable waste. It also does not contribute to deforestation and tobacco cultivation. Overall, it does not impact the environment adversely.

Some vape products offer a longer use as they are made from high-quality materials. Therefore, you don't need to replace them as often. Vaping devices don't use the combustion mechanism, hence do not produce smoke. Therefore, vaping is less bothersome without the smoke.

Other than this, you can reuse and recycle your devices and supplies to act more responsibly for the environment.

A Step Closer to Sustainability with Eco-Friendly Vaping

Being eco-friendly may take some additional steps to incorporate into your life. Just know that it is rewarding and will give you a sense of satisfaction. Here are a few things to include in your vaping habits to do your bit for the environment.

1. Choose Recyclable Products

We all know the problems with industrial plastic waste. It's overused and polluting our planet, but not to worry because recycling can help! Recycling paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass is a vital step in achieving sustainability.

Invest in recyclable disposable vaping devices that are made from PLA plastic. The manufacturing process of PLA plastic is eco-friendly. In comparison to conventional plastic, PLA requires 65% fewer resources in manufacturing.

2. Recycle your Batteries

Most of the batteries in vaping devices are rechargeable and can be replaced with a new one when needed. When your vape battery is dead, don't just throw it away! Make sure you recycle it using a designated recycling centre.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

If you buy high-quality devices from brands with good track records, the frequency at which your vape needs to be replaced will decrease significantly. It is because they tend to last much longer than cheap offerings and eliminate any need for frequent replacement in future. This helps in saving time, money as well as reducing logistics carbon footprint!

man clearing forest

4. Shop Local E-Liquids

You can also become an eco-friendlier vaper by opting for e-liquids made in the UK. This helps cut down on air shipping and contributes to overall carbon emissions. In the process, you get to promote local businesses dedicated to producing top-notch liquids that follow vaping laws no matter what flavour you prefer. This is a win-win situation for you and the retailers.

5. Make Your Own Coil

The perfect way to make your eco-friendly vaping even more sustainable is by making your own coils. Building coils means you don't need as many waste materials while still getting the quality flavour. This way, you can also enjoy a longer life cycle for the wire or cotton in each coil - which also saves money. From now on, do not throw the premade coil, instead replace the wire and the cotton.

6. Be Mindful About the Electricity Use

Turn your e-cigarette off when you are not using it to avoid the risk of burning out that battery. Charge only until full - do not leave plugged in overnight or charge at different rates with other devices on charge. This will help preserve power and prevent any damage due to overcharging.

7. Safe Disposal and Recycling

There is no point in hoarding your old vaping devices. A good idea is to recycle them to donate for reuse if they are still in working condition.

8. E-Liquids Disposal

If you buy an e-liquid and then find out that the flavour is not for you, don't trash it! Once this waste gets into our environment or wildlife's habitats, it could be at risk. Instead, you may donate these to friends and family. You can also check if your location offers e-liquid disposal.

You may also pour the e-liquid into an absorbent material such as sawdust, cat litter, and wood chippings. Discard this into a biodegradable bag before putting it into the trash can. Besides, choose high-quality delectable flavours, so you do not need to discard them.

9. Hardware Disposal

You can minimise the environmental impact of vaping by recycling your hardware. Your e-liquid bottles, tanks and even juice boxes are all recyclable so consider taking them to a designated facility for proper disposal!

In addition, you should never throw away metal or glass from a vaping device. This can be reused in some way, shape form or another when recycled properly. Here is how you can dismantle your vaping device in an eco-friendly manner.

Start dismantling your vaping device by unscrewing all the parts. Separate the metal parts, remove the battery and coil. Remove any residual e-liquid and dispose of it properly using cat litter or wood shaving. Separate the glass and plastic pieces to recycle them in different bins. Discard the battery in a designated container. Set aside the packaging made of cardboard and paper for recycling as well.

These steps may seem a bit excessive initially; however, nothing is too big in reducing your carbon footprint. Doing your part for the planet will give you a sense of purpose.

Wrapping Up

Living an eco-conscious life is important to safeguard our limited resources. Even the smallest contributions can help in saving the planet. Eco-friendly vaping is one way to reduce your carbon footprint in the long term. Be responsible, starting from buying the vaping supplies to discarding them in the right way.