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This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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Vape Parts Explained: Unveiling the Inner Workings of Your Vape

Vape Parts Explained: Unveiling the Inner Workings of Your Vape

What Does a Vaping Device Do?

At its core, a vaping device heats a flavoured liquid, called E-Liquid or vape juice, transforming it into an inhalable vapour. This vapour often contains nicotine, offering a similar experience to smoking but with fewer harmful elements. Vaping has become a popular choice for millions worldwide as a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.

What Are the Parts of a Vape, and How Do They Work?

Now, let's dive deeper into how vapes operate by examining their essential components. Whether you're using a vape pen, mod, or pod vape, these descriptions generally apply.

  1. The Battery: This powerhouse supplies the necessary energy to your vaping device. It can either be built-in or removable, depending on your device. A USB port is common for charging, but removable batteries can be charged externally. A single charge typically lasts a day, or longer depending on your device's settings
  2. The Logic Board, Integrated Circuit, and Firmware: Vaping devices are electronic gadgets, and they require components to control their functions. A logic board, integrated circuit, and firmware manage everything from power delivery to safety features. These include an automatic timer, temperature monitor, battery monitor, and more to ensure safe vaping
  3. The Threading or Pod Contacts: This part connects your vape's tank or pod to the battery. It's essential for electrical conductivity. In pod systems, metal plates connect to the attached pod. Traditional vape tanks have a spring-loaded center pin for connectivity
  4. The Reservoir and Chimney: Tanks or pods consist of the reservoir (holding E-Liquid), airflow system (intake vent and chimney), and coil assembly. The coil assembly manages E-Liquid flow and prevents leaks
  5. The Coil Assembly: This crucial component comprises the wick and heating element. The wick absorbs E-Liquid through holes, ensuring it doesn't flood the coil. The heating element vaporises the E-Liquid, sending the vapour through the chimney and mouthpiece


    Bringing It All Together: How Vaping Works

    When you activate your vaping device, several key actions take place:

    1. Safety checks confirm the device's readiness, including battery health and coil resistance
    2. If safe, the battery powers the heating element, which vaporises the E-Liquid in the coil
    3. Inhaling draws air through the device, over the coil, and carries vapour to your mouth
    4. When not in use, the wick absorbs E-Liquid from the reservoir, maintaining the right balance

    How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

    Disposable vapes follow a similar process, but with a distinct difference. Rather than storing E-Liquid in a reservoir, they use a large wick directly in contact with the heating element. All the E-Liquid is held within this wick. As you vape, the heating element vaporises the E-Liquid from the wick's innermost part. Vaping continues until the wick is dry, indicating it's time to replace the device.


    Understanding the inner workings of your vaping device enhances your overall vaping experience. It's a testament to the innovation behind vaping, providing a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional smoking methods.

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