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    Unravelling the RIOT Spirit: George King's Free Climbing Journey in Korea

    Known for his daring Shard climb, George King is a force of nature. His most recent endeavour - the free climb of the magnificent Lotte World Tower in Korea - is a testament to his defiant spirit, a spirit echoed in the philosophy of ours at Riot Labs.

    by Riot
    Unravelling the RIOT Spirit: George King's Free Climbing Journey in Korea
    by Riot

    They say that human spirit knows no bounds. One man who exemplifies this phrase to its fullest is George King. Known for his daring climbs on some of the world's tallest structures, King is a force of nature. His most recent endeavour - the free climb of the magnificent Lotte World Tower in Korea - is a testament to his defiant spirit, a spirit echoed in the philosophy of ours at Riot Labs.

    Who is George King (The Shard Climber)?

    George King, the urban free climber, is a master of scaling skyscrapers. His passion and proficiency in free climbing, particularly the Shard, London, have earned him international recognition and acclaim. His unyielding quest for adrenaline has led him to some of the tallest and most challenging buildings worldwide. However, his journey to the top (literally and figuratively) has not been straightforward.

    George King

    Born and raised in Oxfordshire, England, George discovered his passion for climbing as a child. He soon swapped conventional playgrounds for towering structures, feeling an irresistible pull towards the sky. King has never smoked but has an addiction to the exhilarating rush of adrenaline.

    WATCH NOW: See George King Scale The Shard

    George King's Connection to Riot Labs and the RIOT Philosophy

    George’s path crossed with Riot Labs, the creators of Riot E-Liquid, and the synergy was instantaneous. George doesn’t just align with Riot’s philosophy - he lives it. He Recognises his addiction to adrenaline, Identifies the roots of his fear, Overcomes obstacles, and Transforms his life to chase his passions.

    His journey echoes Riot Labs' core principles, the RIOT philosophy, which underscores our mission: Recognise, Identify, Overcome, and Transform. Riot Labs sponsored George King on his latest Korean adventure, reinforcing the brand's commitment to individuals who push boundaries, break the mould, and, above all, defy gravity.

    George King's Signature Climbs and The Lotte World Tower Jump

    Over the years, George has taken on a multitude of adrenaline-pumping challenges. He famously climbed the Shard in London, a feat that earned him recognition as an extraordinary urban free climber.

    His latest achievement is his most audacious yet: the free climb of South Korea's Lotte World Tower. Standing at a staggering 555.7 metres, it is the tallest building in Korea and the sixth tallest in the world. George's preparation for this climb involved meticulous physical and mental training, a hallmark of his approach to all his feats.

    The Lotte World Tower jump was an exhilarating spectacle, a perfect blend of fear, thrill, and triumph. The behind-the-scenes look at this impressive feat is captured in the docuseries 'Defying Gravity: A RIOT-fueled Journey Through Adrenaline Addiction', watch the footage of George climbing The Shard here.

    Defying Gravity: George's Riotous Journey

    Defying Gravity isn’t just about George King. It’s about his daring feats, sure, but also the RIOT philosophy. The docuseries provides a raw and unfiltered look at George's world, capturing his determination, fearlessness, and relentless pursuit of the adrenaline rush.

    The series is a visual treat, full of adrenaline-chasing adventures that keep you on the edge of your seat. It offers an intimate glimpse into George's life, his dedication to free climbing, and his journey with Riot Labs.

    George King RIOT

    Defying Gravity is available to watch here and on YouTube. The series promises to inspire viewers, challenging them to break their limitations and embrace the boundless energy within them.

    The Equipment and Legalities

    While George makes climbing look effortless, it requires rigorous preparation and the right equipment. Free climbing in the urban environment often involves using gloves, durable clothing, and chalk for better grip. However, the most important equipment for George is his unwavering determination and his honed physical strength.

    The legality of free climbing varies from country to country, and in most places, it's a legal grey area. South Korea's stance on this extreme sport is unclear, but it's essential to note that these daredevil acts are often not permitted without explicit authorisation from the relevant authorities.

    The Risks and Triumphs of Free Climbing and Base Jumping

    Free climbing and base jumping come with inherent risks, the most significant being the potential for serious injury or even death. These extreme sports demand incredible physical strength, meticulous planning, and a fearless mindset. Despite these risks, the satisfaction and sense of achievement they offer is unparalleled. It's a testament to the human spirit's ability to push boundaries and defy odds.

    George King RIOT

    Other Notable Free Climbers

    George King isn't alone in his gravity-defying pursuits. There's a global community of free climbers who share his passion. Notable names include Alain Robert, known as the "French Spiderman," who has scaled some of the world's most iconic buildings. Then there's Alex Honnold, famous for his free solo climb of El Capitan, a 900-metre vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park.

    How does George King Train for his Jumps and Climbs?

    Free climbing demands a high level of physical and mental fitness. George’s training regime includes rigorous physical conditioning, including strength training and endurance workouts, as well as mental preparation such as meditation and visualisation exercises. This holistic approach helps him prepare for the extreme challenges that free climbing presents.

    George King RIOT

    Wrapping it Up

    George King's journey is more than a series of incredible feats of free climbing. It's an ongoing exploration of personal limits and a testament to the power of the human spirit. His association with Riot Labs only strengthens the message that with grit, determination, and a clear understanding of one's passions, anyone can defy gravity and seize their dreams.

    Join us in this exhilarating journey as we continue to chart George King's spectacular free-climbing adventures. Defying Gravity promises a captivating look at the world of urban climbing, a world where risks, rewards, and RIOT all converge. Watch it on Riot E-Liquids blog and YouTube channel, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to embark on your own journey to defy gravity.

    WATCH NOW: Discover the new Defying series featuring George King


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