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The Riot for a good cause | Pakistan Floods 2022

The Riot for a good cause | Pakistan Floods 2022

Riot X Pakistani Floods Fundraiser

This year Pakistan has seen its most devastating and life-destroying floods! The torrential rain pouring down over the country has triggered the most severe flooding in Pakistan's history resulting in residential villages being completely destroyed and washed away. These unsettling events have caused over 10 million children to be at an increased risk of waterborne diseases, malnutrition and drowning leaving them in dire need of immediate, lifesaving support. 

With the awful news of the damage that the floods have caused to the families and young children in Pakistan, the Pakistani community here in the UK couldn’t sit back and watch without making any effort to help the people affected. Osman Yousefzada and Artists Emergency were the hosts of a special fundraising event where they brought together 10 British-Pakistani Artists and listed their limited edition art pieces up for sale with all of the proceeds from the event contributing toward the flood relief efforts in Pakistan.

The event was held in The Aubrey at the stunning Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The Riot team were stationed right at the entrance of the showroom where all of the artists and potential buyers poured in. We got to speak to so many different & interesting individuals about our mission and our core values as a company. Everyone loved to hear about our Riot Bar and how the Riot Bar is doing its part for the environment so we can help fight climate change and plastic waste issues. Climate change is what caused these floods in Pakistan which just pours more fuel on the fire that we have to do our part for the world. Riot were extremely happy to sponsor the feel-good event and help raise money for such a good cause.

How is flooding connected to climate change?

Flooding can be caused by many things. Whether it is mother nature speaking through heavy or prolonged rains, storm surges and sudden snowmelts or man-made driven events through how we manage our waterways or the unnecessary altercations we make to our land.

You’re not here for a science lesson so we will keep it short & sweet. As climate change warms up the atmosphere, the air can hold 7% more water vapour for every one-degree Celsius rise in temperature. So as climate change continues to be a problem and the temperature of the world keeps rising, more rain gets held in the atmosphere which results in droplets coming together and forming heavy rainfall. These heavy spells of rain over a short period of time can cause flash floods and destroy communities in low-income countries with poor infrastructures. 

It’s time to think about our planet

Antarctica has lost about 3 trillion tonnes of ice in the last 25 years causing global seas to rise by 8mm. In the future sea levels could rise as much as 5 meters. Temperatures keep rising which will result in flooding like this only becoming more frequent. Even with the kind efforts of the Pakistani artists and Osman Yousefzada, there will still be millions of people suffering from the floods in Pakistan and it all comes down to how we treat the planet we call home. Our planet. Our responsibility. We have to do better and work toward a brighter and more sustainable future. Everyone may die at the end of a disaster movie but we don't have to…

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