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Rishi Sunak gets egged as our flavourless vape store brings a vape ban into focus

Rishi Sunak gets egged as our flavourless vape store brings a vape ban into focus

In an era where vaping has emerged as a beacon of hope for millions seeking to quit smoking, the UK Government’s proposed flavour ban threatens to extinguish this light. Enter Riot Activist, a movement born to protect the rights of quitters and vapers everywhere. Under the rallying cry “Don’t Quit on Quitters,” Riot Activist is not just a campaign; it’s a declaration of war against policies that undermine vaping’s potential to save lives.

So in a bid to draw attention to the looming tax rise and flavour ban proposed by the UK Government, we recently transformed Right Vape, Northampton into "Rishi's Vape Shop", complete with new branding, a range of the proposed new flavours, and an adjusted pricing scheme to reflect potential taxation changes.

The day was set to be an immersive experience for vapers and smokers alike, highlighting the stark reality of the upcoming regulations. However, things took an unexpected turn when our Rishi lookalike got a little too convincing.



Setting the Stage

The purpose of our event was to create a relatable experience that conveyed the potential impact of the flavour ban and tax rise on the vaping community. Our team meticulously designed the store, from the signage to the interior decor, making sure every detail reflected the hypothetical future where the ban is in full effect.

Customers faced two choices: One side of the shop which contained less choice, less value and less reasons for quitting smoking. Or they could step to the opposite side where they could be served by Ryan (Owner, Right Vape) at 2024 prices and access the products they came in for. This setup was intended to give vapers and smokers a taste of what might come—quite literally.

A Day of Engagement

Many vapers and smokers expressed their concerns and frustrations about the upcoming ban, providing us with invaluable feedback. The restricted flavours and increased cost were only met with negative reviews and sparked crucial discussion about the industry. 


Armed with our own Rishi Sunak lookalike, our version of the PM interacted with customers, explained his new policies, and made very effort to sell his new range of flavours... with little effect!

Rishi roamed the store, engaging in conversations and posing for photos with amused customers, however, not everyone was in on the joke.

An Unexpected Incident

As the day progressed, an unforeseen incident occurred. A passerby, apparently convinced that the lookalike was indeed the real Rishi Sunak, took issue with the perceived presence of the Prime minister at the event. In a moment of frustration, they hurled an egg at our unfortunate doppelgänger.

Thankfully, our Rishi lookalike handled the situation with good humour, making light of the incident and continuing to engage with visitors. The egging, while unfortunate, did not dampen the overall success of the event. Instead, it highlighted the strong emotions and high stakes surrounding the flavour ban debate.

Reflecting on the Day

Despite the unexpected egging, the activation was a resounding success. It achieved its goal of raising awareness and sparking conversation about the proposed flavour ban and its potential implications for the vaping community. The feedback from customers was overwhelmingly positive, with many appreciating the chance to experience firsthand what the future might hold.

Events like these are crucial in the ongoing discussion about vaping regulations. Riot Activist provides a platform for voices to be heard and for the public to engage with policies that directly affect their lives. At Riot Activist we're committed to continuing this dialogue and advocating for sensible, evidence-based regulations that protect public health without unfairly penalising responsible vapers and smokers looking to quit.

In the end, our Rishi look alike may have taken an egg for the team, but it only underscored the importance and effectiveness of our message. 

It highlighted a crucial point that needed attention and has garnered over 3 million views online.

MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD AND SAVE VAPING, SIGN THE PETITION TODAYhttps://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/656683


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