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This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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How Vaping is Better than Nicotine Replacement Therapy

how vaping is better than nicotine replacement therapy

Many people are making a healthier choice by switching to vaping rather than depending on alternative nicotine replacement therapy methods. It can be a tough decision to make and myths and misinformation around vaping doesn't exactly help. Fortunately, we have science to prove the benefits of vaping such as a significant 95% lower cancer risk in comparison to smoking. 

Smokers turn to Nicotine Replacement as a common way to help quit smoking, but there are many reasons to suggest why vaping may be better than other nicotine replacement aids. The vapour doesn't contain any chemicals like tar which can cause cancer or other diseases. Besides, there is scientific evidence showing how vaping can help you get rid of cigarettes.   

Keep on reading to find all of the information on how vaping is better than nicotine replacement.


Public Health England Research Results

Public Health England's seventh independent report proved vaping is better than smoking. The study, carried out by researchers at King's College London, found that smokers who switched to vaping were more likely to stop regular tobacco cigarettes.

The study concurs that 27.2% of smokers used nicotine-based vaping products to quit in England during 2020. Vape devices were more popular than nicotine replacement therapy aids such as patches and gum, with 18.2% of people using NRT products, while prescription medicine Varenicline only accounted for 4.4%.

It's never easy to give up smoking, but it may be one solution that helps. Besides, PHE's study has confirmed an estimate that over 50,000 smokers stopped smoking with the aid of a vaping device. 

Without vaping, they would have been dependent on cigarettes and continued similar intake habits. Therefore, nicotine vaping products have been shown in research studies as an effective way for smokers looking to quit tobacco altogether or reduce their intake of cigarettes. 

Using a vaping product as an essential component of quitting is not only effective but can also help you stay motivated. The same research found that between 59% and 74% of smokers who used the technique were successful in their attempt at quitting cigarettes for life!

The study also took into consideration how both adults and young people develop smoking habits. In the research, it was found that 4.8% of young people aged 11-18 years old reported vaping at least once monthly, and most were either current or former smokers. There were just 0.8% of young people who had never vaped. With the rise in vaping, there has been a fall of 13.8% to 16% in smoking. 

Misconceptions Are The Real Risks

38% of smokers thought that vaping is as harmful or even more so than smoking as per 2020 research data. This opinion flies in the face of expert reviews from around the UK and the US concluding how regulated nicotine vape products can be much less risky for your health compared to burning tobacco leaves with all its associated dangers like cancer and emphysema. 

15% believed that vaping is even worse than smoking cigarettes. This is where scientific studies from the National Institute of Health Protection and strict laws by the government come into play. Apart from this, Tobacco and Related Products Regulations work strongly to keep vaping safe. 

There are laws that regulate vaping liquids and their illegal sale to discourage misuse. Moreover, using vaping devices from legal online and offline stores is more reliable as everything is regulated. This is your safest bet when looking for aids to quit cigarettes. 

Vaping is the new normal, and thousands of more people could have quit if they hadn't had irrational safety fears instilled by misinformation. The data from studies prove vaping is less harmful than cigarettes, so we strongly recommend that anyone who smokes should at least give vaping a try.

Vaping For Better Health

Smoking remains one of today's most popular indulgences despite its known health risks. There were almost 75,000 deaths due to smoking in England in 2019. Hence, habitual smoking is a preventable cause of death and disease. 

The report draws together different study data to find that vaping is effective for smokers who want to quit. What's troubling is the trend where those from disadvantaged backgrounds mistakenly believe it doesn't work as well or can be just as harmful, leading them away from trying vaping. 

The best approach a smoker can use is to quit smoking completely and try vaping, as it's seen to be one of the most effective aids available. This means it may be time for you or someone close to your family members who often smoke to switch from traditional cigarettes. 

With this change, the main goal of being smoke-free in England by 2030 is within reach. It includes the development of the Tobacco Control Plan and Tobacco and Related Products Regulations. This will set the stage for success as we work towards progress, innovation, and sustainability with vaping regulations that help smokers quit while not attracting those who have never smoked. 


In Conclusion 

This study is an example of the power of research. It shows how vaping can be a better option for smokers than nicotine replacement therapy or cigarettes because it has fewer chemicals and could even help people quit smoking altogether. 

Vaping releases fewer toxins into the lungs, throat, mouth, and nose. It also has a lower cancer risk than smoking or using traditional methods of quitting smoking, such as patches or gum. We hope this blog will encourage you with the right information to quit smoking.

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