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Popcorn Lung & Vaping - Finally Debunked!

Introduction In the age of the internet and social media, there are many myths and misconceptions about pretty much everything and anything - especially vaping. One of the common arguments...

Popcorn Lung & Vaping


In the age of the internet and social media, there are many myths and misconceptions about pretty much everything and anything - especially vaping. One of the common arguments against vaping being a healthier alternative to smoking is the topic of Popcorn Lung. So strap in because we are about to end the conversation for good.

First comes first... What Is Popcorn Lung?

Popcorn Lung is the nickname given to a lung condition called 'bronchiolitis obliterans'. The condition damages your lungs' smallest airways giving you problems breathing, shortness of breath and coughing. Many people refer to it as cancer but it isn't.

Your lungs are vital for carrying oxygen around your body and carrying it to the certain cells that need it the most. As you breathe in, air flows into your lungs through your windpipe or trachea. Your windpipe divides into two tubes which lead to your left and right lungs. Inside your lungs, those tubes split again and again into smaller passageways like mini corridors or roads to carry oxygen through. The smallest of these corridors are called bronchioles, and they end in tiny air sacs called alveoli. The alveoli are where the oxygen is picked up by your blood. When you have a "popcorn lung," those tiny air passages get irritated and inflamed. Over time, this leads to scarring that makes them narrower, making it harder for oxygen to pass through.

What Causes Popcorn Lung?

In 2000, a physician reported that eight former microwave-popcorn factory workers had developed a rare and disabling lung disease. Four of the eight workers became ill and were put on lung transplant waiting lists. They were treated for 'bronchiolitis obliterans’. After investigating numerous possible sources of the disease, researchers ultimately came to a decision that the cause of the lung damage was a vapour from butter flavouring added to the popcorn. The main culprit being a chemical named Diacetyl.

After this news was published, multiple tests were carried out to see if it was just popcorn factory workers who were receiving this rare lung condition. It was then found that popcorn factory workers were indeed the ones who received the lung condition much more than other people. This is how it got the name ‘Popcorn Lung’.

Girl Vaping

What does any of this have to do with vaping?

The UK has strict regulations when it comes to selling e-cigarettes. Suppliers and retailers must follow certain guidelines to ensure their products comply with TPD. Diacetyl was once a common flavouring ingredient used in many e-cigarettes and is still used in some countries like the U.S and China where regulations are not as strict. It has now been banned as an ingredient in Europe so suppliers SHOULDN’T have any in their products (we certainly don't) but there are still some irresponsible suppliers out there…

So if you’re reading this and find yourself STILL asking yourself ‘If I vape will I get popcorn lung?’. The straight answer is no. As long as you make sure you are buying your e-liquid products from responsible retailers, diacetyl will not be in any of your vaping products. If you’re still worried about being able to find a trusted brand, shop with Riot E-Liquid to take the stress off your shoulders...

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