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This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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Newbie Vapers, Start Right: 16 Essential Dos and Don'ts

Newbie Vapers, Start Right: 16 Essential Dos and Don'ts

The "Dos" of Vaping

Master the Art of Vaping: Get acquainted with the three inhalation styles – Mouth to Lung (MTL), Direct to Lung (DTL), and Restricted Direct to Lung (RDL) – to choose your device and E-Liquids wisely

Expect an Adjustment Period: If you feel a tad peculiar when transitioning from smoking to vaping, it's entirely normal; it's your body's way of adapting

Keep Your Vape Gear Pristine: Regularly clean your vape tank to preserve E-Liquid quality and flavour

Handle Your E-Liquids with Care: Shield your e-juice from light and heat to maintain its pristine taste; a cool, dark place is the perfect hideout

Change Flavours for a Fresh Vape: Combat "vaper's tongue" by switching up your E-Liquid flavours when your taste buds need a breather

Prioritise Oral Hygiene: A clean mouth is essential for a sublime vaping experience; make friends with mouthwash and tongue cleaning

Experiment with PG/VG Ratios: Fine-tune your vaping experience by adjusting the Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio

Exercise Patience Between Puffs: Refrain from chain vaping; allow your wicks 15-30 seconds to saturate between puffs

Gradually Taper Off Nicotine: For those aiming to quit smoking, begin with higher nicotine levels and wean yourself off over time

Find Your Perfect Vape Device: Select a device that matches your preferences, whether it's a sleek pod system or a robust mod

Consider Aesthetics in Your Vape Choice: Beyond performance, find a vaping device that resonates with your personal style

Get Adventurous with Vape Gear: Dive into the world of vaping versatility by mixing and matching tanks, mods, coils, and e-juices


The "Don’ts" of Vaping

Respect Personal Space: Always seek permission before vaping in someone else's territory, even if it's nicotine-free

Follow Smoking Etiquette: Uphold smoking rules and regulations, especially in designated smoking zones

Don't Overcharge Your Device: Prevent overcharging by opting for devices with protective features

Stay Hydrated: Combat dry mouth by staying well-hydrated throughout your vaping adventures

Ditch Chain Vaping: Give your wicks the time they need to saturate and avoid burnt coils and overheating

Stick to Your Vaping Journey: If your goal is to give up smoking, stick to vaping and gradually decrease your nicotine levels

In conclusion, whether you're a vaping rookie or a semi-pro, these dos and don'ts are your trusty companions for a safe and enjoyable vaping voyage.

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