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This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.

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Benefits Of Switching from Disposable Vapes to E-Liquids

Benefits Of Switching from Disposable Vapes to E-Liquids


Get ready to unleash the full force of the E-Liquid revolution! It's time to ditch those disposables and refill and save. We're about to expose the mind-blowing benefits of converting to refillables – from slashing your expenses to making a greener impact on the planet, whilst still experiencing that same super sweet and punchy vaping experience. It's time to level up your vaping game with Bar EDTN, our disposable-style E-Liquid range, get those flavours you love and reap the benefits.

Save £1,536 Yearly with Bar EDTN E-Liquids

Listen up, money-savvy vapers! We all love to save those hard-earned pounds, right? Well, guess what? You can make a huge saving of £1,536 every year on E-Liquids. That's a whole lot of cash to splurge on things that matter. Treat yourself, guilt-free!

Reduce Waste, Ditch Your Disposables

Eco-warriors this one is for you! The planet needs your help, and we've got the solution. Disposable e-cigarettes may be convenient, but they also generate a massive amount of waste. According to the BBC, a whopping 1.3 million disposables end up in landfills per week. Give disposables the finger, choose e-liquids and reduce your environmental impact one puff at a time.

UK Made Flavours

We take pride in our nation, and we know you do too. That's why our Bar EDTN range is crafted right here in the UK. No dodgy shortcuts or questionable ingredients. Just pure British excellence. When you choose E-Liquids, you're ensuring that your vaping experience reaches a level of quality that would make the King raise an eyebrow.

Sweet as F**K Flavours That Will Blow Your Mind

Alright, let's cut to the chase – flavours that will blow your mind! Our 5 new Bar EDTN flavours deliver that same punchy, icy, and sweet as f**k goodness you crave from disposables. Whether you're after a fruit-filled explosion that'll make your taste buds dance or an icy blast that'll give you spine-tingling chills, we've got your back. So brace yourself for epic unreal flavours that pack a punch!

3000 Puffs of Pure Vaping Bliss

We get it, you don't want your vaping experience to be a tease. With E-Liquids, you can enjoy up to 3000 puffs before needing to refill. That's 2400 more puffs than a disposable (600 puffs) - which is insane! That's a whole lot of satisfaction without the constant interruptions. Whether you're a casual vaper or an all-day puffer, our E-Liquids will keep you going without missing a beat.

So there you have it, my vaping amigos. The benefits of converting from disposables to E-Liquids are undeniable. Not only will you save a small fortune on E-Liquids – £1,536 yearly, to be exact – but you'll also become a sustainability superhero, reduce waste, and support UK manufacturing. And let's not forget the star of the show – our 5 new Bar EDTN flavours that give you that sweet as f**k flavours that disposable lovers can’t get enough of. So what are you waiting for?

Ditch your disposables today, refill and save with Bar EDTN

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